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Bring your home to travel

08 Nov 2022

Theo re are many times we want to or have to go on a journey, to pursuit our dream or for a business. However, when our mind is travelling, our body are desiring a home-like comfty, which makes us feel relaxed. The home-like feeling gives us bravery to continue our life journey. 

Bring SilkSilky, bring your home with you in your trip. Look what SilkSilky prepares for you?

Top One: Silk Pajamas

We need to change into the most comfortable mode when we finish our business or finish an exciting day. Silk pajamas, with the most breathable and coy fabric, accompany you no matter you are at home or go on a journey. Besides it's quite light and occupies very small space, so you can bring it with you easily.

Pure Silk Binding Trim Pajamas Set

Top Two: Silk Eyemask

A small piece of silk eyemask can provide you with the greatest convenience. When you are in the flight, it blocks light for you so that you can have a good sleep and throw into work energetically. When you are in a hotel, silk eyemask also helps you fall into sleep easily without being botheres by the light through the thin curtain of your room.

Top Three: Silk Scarf

Except those silk pieces that give you a better sleep, you also need a silk scarf to make your travel more interesting and colorful. Silk scarves seem to be the lighest and the most chic thing you can bring in your trip. Choose your favorite style and wear it on your neck, head or elsewhere to make you happy.

May these silk things make you feel relaxing, comfortable and happy. Nice trip!

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