Benefits of Silk

Besides its luxurious softness and lustrous beauty, there are a variety of other benefits that silk offers that other fabrics, whether natural or artificial, simply cannot match. These advantages of silk have rightly earned silk its reputation as the queen of fabrics. If "Why Silk" is still a question in your mind, the following benefits of silk should remove any doubts. It is not just a question of comparison with other fabrics, some of these benefits and advantages place silk in a league of its own.

Silk contains natural cellular albumen, which helps speed up metabolism of skin cells - thus helping to reduce signs of aging. Silk is a natural heat regulator, able to maintain the air around you at a comfortable temperature when you sleep, meaning you perspire less - extensive sweating is a big contributor to skin aging. The smooth surface of silk means there is little friction between your skin and your bedding linen, which is said to be the biggest cause for sleep wrinkles. The fact that your hair moves around freely as well basically means you will not wake up with a bedful of broken hair and your head looking like a mess.

Bugs don’t like silk, bacteria don't like silk, and mold doesn’t like silk either. The sericin residue is a natural repellent that keeps all the bad things away, all the while helping you in other ways. With the biggest 3 in-house allergens unable to manifest themselves on your bed, allergy sufferers can rest relaxed knowing they are safe from skin rashes, eczemas and stuffy nose.

Duvets filled with silk floss weight for a mere fraction of a feather/down filled duvet of the same heat-insulating capabilities due to the innate heat insulating properties of silk and the thermal preserving structure of the floss sheets, meaning you don’t have to “fight” with your duvet when you want to stretch or turn in your bed. Of course, the lighter weight helps with a variety of health issues such as blood circulation and arthritis.

Silk is a very breathable fabric, meaning there is a constant air exchange between two side of your duvet - however, due to silk’s ability to keep heat in, you will get a constant stream of fresh air in without having to worry about feeling cold. The moistures in the air inside your comforter also gets exchanged/absorbed by silk, and you will always sleep in a dry place that is sufficiently warm, something that is especially ideal for women undergoing menopause and suffering from nightly hot flashes.

Our best quality Mulberry silk beddingware can easily last upwards to 15 - 20 years if cared for properly. Silk fibers are one of the strongest natural textile fibers in the world, and our silk is made from especially high quality silk fibers with a denser weave up to 750 TCI (threads per inch), meaning the resulting fabric can be very strong, able to withstand most accidental damage with ease (and we obviously do not encourage any non-accidental damage to be done to our silk.)

Silk is the most hygienic material to be used as bedding because it is resistant to dust and other common causes of household bedding stains. So if you are looking to get rid of your down comforter because of dust, mites, or allergies, getting a silk-filled comforter will solve your problem instantly.