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Decorate Your Life With Silk Scarves

17 Sep 2022

Life is not just irritating feathers, nor a boring repetition.If you are also a person who does not want to be mediocre, just show your attitude to life by decorating it with designed silk scarves. Silk scarf is the most popular chic piece as a headscarf, necktie, an outfit, a shawl or your handbags’ strap. Let’s look how a scarf make your life colorful!

Decorate your hair with a silk square scarf or a rectangle scarf

If you want to tie your hair up for a clean look, you can choose a square scarf or a rectangle scarf. For a square scarf, you can fold it in half diagonally and tie the both ends underneath your hair. Maybe a silk pink scarf with some flowers make you graceful in this way. With no spare hair strands are left, you may feel quite in hot days. Or you can also tie a rectangle scarf to a simple knot or a bow tie on your ponytail. 


Mulberry Silk Floral Pattern Square Scarf
Pure Silk Soild Color Square Scarf


Decorate your neck with low/high-saturation colors silk scarf

The most common way to wear a scarf is to tie it around neck. But different ways to tie it and different patterns you choose may also give a quite different look. For example this printed  silk scarf. It uses low-saturation colors such as gray and brown to make you look elegant. You can tie the two diagonal corners behind the neck, with the front part strapping naturally. Or you can tie a silk rectangle scarf with high-saturation colors by just wrapping it around your neck. This scarf looks more bright to make you look energetic. Both of them can perfectly match your solid color shirts.


Pure Silk Floral Pattern Scarf
Mulberry Silk Printed Rectangular Shawl Scarf


Decorate your upper body with a stylish scarf

If you are a hip-hop fanatic or you want to look sexy, you can also find a scarf to decorate your body. Wearing a short solid color vest inside and choosing a scarf with similar color, you may look quite cool when you are dancing. By regulating your temperature, silk scarves guarantee you to keep loving in a comfortable way.



Except above ways, you can also wrap the strap of your handbag or take a long silk scarf as your waist belt and so on. No matter when you want to decorate your life, silk scarves find their way. What you need is to keep loving!

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