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Does Silk Scrunchies Good For Your Hair?

26 Jan 2023

Many of us have heard that scrunchies are better for our hair, but we have tuned out the explanation for why. As many people with long hair are aware, taking your hair out of one of those ubiquitous slender black elastics when you're going to take a shower or when you get home after a long day of work, school, or errands frequently ends in the greatest hairball, breaking both your hair and your heart. 

Better hair health

As tempting as it is to pull your hair tight to achieve a sleek hairstyle, over time your scalp, the foundation of your hair, can undergo damage.

The discomfort you experience when you take your hair down is really brought on by blood vessel irritation that affects your scalp's nerves! Even tension headaches and an oddly greasy, dry, flaky scalp can be caused by this frequently "temporary" agony.

Fortunately, the elastic of silk scrunchies is softer and more comfortable than the typical hair tie, providing you with a kinder hold.

Keep Your Lustrous Locks Healthy

Have you ever had your best hair day and hated to let it go to waste? Or perhaps your goal is to go longer between washings. Silk scrunchies are fantastic because they stop friction-related rubbing and tugging, allowing your hair to move freely.

Elevate Your Outfit

When out with friends or on a date, wearing your hair up can feel humiliating, but you don't always have time to wash, dry, protect, style, and do all the other bothersome things. You'll look stunning whether you wear a silk scrunchie or grab it on the way out the door.

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