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Guide of silk scarf matching

18 Nov 2022

Using silk scarves to match clothes is very trendy. If you are tired of the usual simple wear, then a silk scarf can raise your fashion to a new level. Its fine and soft, with different colors and patterns, you will instantly feel fashionable and energetic while wearing them on your body.

Silk square scarf

If you want to wear a silk scarf, you must first figure out the style and shape. Square silk scarves are the most common style and can be used anywhere through different folding methods. Such small silk scarf can be folded into thin strips and worn around the neck, or it can be tied into a ponytail to decorate the hair. You can also wear it on your bag and simply tie one or two knots.

Silk Long Shawl Scarf

There are also many ways to wear large silk scarf. Neatly folded and draped on the shoulders or casually draped on one side, or tied as a belt to the waist to highlight your waist line. You can choose the style of the same color as the clothes to look noble and elegant, or you can pick dark and light colors to match for color contrast to make the outfit more layered. You can also match a printing scarf to make the color rich.

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