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How deep sleep benefits us

13 Sep 2022

When people are sleeping, they are actually switching between deep sleep and light sleep frequently. Most of time our brain keep active even when we are sleeping. Only when we fall into deep sleep can life activities be reduced to a quite low level and the secretion and release of pituitary growth hormone reach their climax. In this way, our cerebral cortex cells can get full rest. Our emotions will become more stable and we’ll have a nice day with good mental state.

Promote growth

For youth who are in their best time to grow up, deep sleep may help a lot. According to studies, 70% growth hormone is released when human are in deep sleep. So, ensure enough deep sleep can promote children’s growth.

Improve memory

Lacking of sleep or having a light sleep for long time may damage your brain cells and cause neurasthenia. You’ll find it’s easy to forget things. You may forget to bring things with you or forget to do things that you are scheduled to do. Young children will find they can not memorize what they have learned. Therefore, it’s quite necessary to keep a deep sleep.

Improve resistance to virus

When we are in deep sleep, our tissues and organs of body have the chance to heal themselves. But if we keep our brains active at night, they’ll fail to do these and we’ll become more vulnerable to virus.

Reduce fatigue

Through deep sleep, fatigue can be removed and energy is gained. So we can continue your work energetically.

Keep young and beautiful

Sleep is the best way to contribute longevity. The higher the quality of sleep you get, the longer you will live in because your body are in a young state. Your skin cells can also get enough rest to restore.

Generally, when you begin to fall asleep, you are in a deep sleep. Around an hour and a half, you may come into a light sleep, then fall into deep sleep again. These cycle will proceed for 4-5 times at night. Therefore, the first three hours are quite important when you can fall into a deep sleep. So prepare a comfortable environment for yourselves is necessary.

Silk eye mask helps deep sleep

Silk eye mask can block light for you. When there’s such situation that you want to sleep but your family members still need to do something with your light on, eye mask can help you block light; Or when you are in a business travel, eye mask is convenient to bring with and help you block the light in flight or the sunlight in the next morning. When light is blocked, you’ll find that other sensory organs are become less sensitive. The world becomes so quiet and it’s easy to fall into deep sleep;

Silk eye mask can also restrain dry eye due to its moisture-retaining function. You’ ll feel good with the enough moisture and appropriate temperature.


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