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How to choose your silk bedding sets

20 Sep 2022

Maybe you have heard that silk is one of the best fabrics and are curious to know why are they so famous with people around the world. Do you want to try silk bedding set? You need to know these things before paying to guarantee you get the best silk bedding sets.

Several reasons to make you fall in love with silk

Mild and comfortable feeling on your skin

Hypoallergenic fabric that can help you get away from dust, mold, mildew and many other allergens.

Temperature regulator, suitable for both summer and winter days.

Natural fabric with animal protein.

Care to skin and hair by retaining moisture and reduce friction.

Silk bedding sets are more durable than any other fabrics. Once you buy, use forever! With one silk bedding sets, there is no need to change your bedding sets frequently. However, you still to note that the quality of silk may also different. Don’t buy silk bedding sets with poor quality.


silk flat sheet pillowcase set


Choose what you want through comparison

Here is a table for you to know the type of silk and measure the quality of them:


Charmeuse silk

Widely used for bedding, dresses, shirts and so on;

Light and elastic naturally as an ideal fabric for bedding sets;

Shiny satin in one side and dull dark in the other side;

Cultivated silk

Mulberry silk

Highest quality and most popular fabric for bedding sets.;

Bombyx mori, a special silkworm who is given the best mulberry leaves and has been fed in captivity for more than 5000 years, makes mulberry silk not equal to any other silk  

Tussah silk

Uncultivated silk (without enough protection and great diet, not as gentle and durable as cultivated silk)

Habotai silk

Common in bedding sets;

Cheaper but not durable enough(with most of them are “washed” with sand)

Duppoini silk

Strong, shiny;

Rough, not suitable for bedding sets;

Bad temperature regulating function;

Low quality for irregular cocoons it uses

Therefore, mulberry silk is recognized as the best silk in the world. Try to choose silk bedding sets made of mulberry silk.

Choices for summer and winter

Silk bedding sets are suitable for every seasons. Maybe you’ll say “it’s impossible”. But the fact is the finest fabric and special structure entail silk bedding sets to regulate your body temperature. Differing from bedding sets made of other fabrics which restrains air circulation, silk bedding is breathable which allow extra moisture to release while retain the heat you need. Therefore you won’t feel neither too hot nor too cold.

Though silk bedding can regulate temperature properly, you can also choose silk bedding sets with different momme values or choose a silk duvet cover to adapt to different seasons. Bedding sheets and duvet covers with higher momme values are recommended for winter while bedding sets with lower momme values may make you feel more light and comfortable.


Pure silk duvet cover pillowcases set


Find appropriate silk bedding sets and ensure you a good sleep.

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