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How To Clean A Silk Sleep Mask?

01 May 2022

Do you have the habit of wearing an eye mask to sleep? Eye masks can improve the quality of your sleep, and we all know that silk sleep eye masks are a reputable choice with many unique benefits that make them ideal for helping you fall asleep. But silk fabrics are luxurious and delicate, and daily maintenance is very important. So do you know how to properly clean and care for silk eye masks?


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To maximise quality and durability of your sleep mask, we recommend:

  • pH neutral liquid detergent
  • machine wash delicate below 30°C (86°F) (delicates wash bag), or cold.
  • hand wash below 30°C (86°F), or cold.
  • dry clean
  • no trichloroethylene
  • iron low heat
  • steam or dry
  • do not bleach
  • do not tumble dry
  • Traditionally, silk is hand wash and dry clean only. Drowsy silk is of the highest quality so they are machine washable, but they are still silk and need as much care as we can give them.

    ALWAYS use a ph neutral liquid detergent and/or fabric softener. Silk is a natural fibre and washing in a solution that’s too acidic or alkaline can cause the silk to harden in a single wash. If you can't find a detergent that specifies ph level then just go for one that specifies silk. Do not use bleach products.


    wash silk


    Another important factor is water temperature. Even just slightly above 30 degrees Centigrade or 85 degrees Fahrenheit can change silk dramatically. The safest method if your machine doesn't specify exact heat settings is either cold or just one level above cold.

    A delicates bag is optional, depending on your washing machine and whether or not it tends to grab items and tear them.

    If you wish to maximise the life of your eye mask, hand washing is the ultimate method. We also recommend leaving to dry naturally rather than tumble drying.

    Treat your Drowsy eye mask with care, and it will treat you to luxury sleep for a countless nights!


    In addition, we use carefully selected mulberry silk, which makes our silk eye masks very durable and can last you a long time, providing long-lasting comfort. They are also simple to clean and care for in daily life, helping you to greet the new year with energy and energy. every day!


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