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How to Identify High-Quality Silk? 5 Key Points to Help You Easily Distinguish

12 May 2023

Silk is a precious natural fiber with characteristics such as luster, softness, and comfort. However, there is a significant difference in quality among different types of silk. It is crucial to identify high-quality silk when purchasing silk products such as silk pillowcase and silk pajamas. This article will introduce five key points to help you easily identify the quality of silk.


1. Identify the source of silk fibers

High-quality silk is typically made from mulberry silk. Mulberry silk is the oldest and most precious silk, with characteristics such as softness, luster, and wrinkle resistance. Some low-quality silk may come from fava beans, kapok, or other synthetic fibers, which do not possess the characteristics of true silk.

2. Identify the texture of silk

High-quality silk typically has a smooth texture due to the fine fibers of mulberry silk. By gently rubbing the silk with your fingers, you can feel the soft and delicate texture of high-quality silk, while low-quality silk may feel rough.




3. Identify the luster of silk

High-quality silk has a soft, natural luster, while low-quality silk may have a too bright or too dull luster. When observing silk under sunlight, high-quality silk reflects a soft light, while low-quality silk reflects a harsh light.

4. Identify the feel of silk

High-quality silk feels soft, smooth, and comfortable. When purchasing silk products, you can touch its surface and feel its comfort. By rubbing the silk against your face gently, high-quality silk does not produce excessive friction and heat, while low-quality silk may feel coarse.

5. Identify the weight of silk

High-quality silk is typically lighter in weight than low-quality silk. You can compare the weight of different silk products to determine their quality.


In conclusion, by following the above five key points, you can easily identify high-quality silk. When purchasing silk products, it is essential to pay attention to the source of silk fibers, texture, luster, feel, and weight to ensure that you are getting the best quality silk.

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