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Knowledge about silk

27 Sep 2022
How silk fibers are get?

Silk fiber is produced by silkworms. Silkworms spit out the liquid form of silk at first. After exposure to the air, the liquid form of silk becomes solid fibers that wrap silkworms tightly. Then human collects these solid fibers when silkworms are going to be butterflies. Around 1000 meters of silk fibers can be collected from each cocoon. Due to its composition of silk and sericin,  these cocoons are hard at first,so the first step in making silk is to cook silkworm cocoons at high temperature.When the silk glue softens, the workers can peel off the cocoons and get quite long fibers from each cocoon.

Types of silk

Different from other fibers, silk fiber is a quite long fiber since it was split out rather than connected by human beings. Therefore, it’s also called “natural silk”. Silk fiber is one of the animal fibers that are first used by humans just as wool. Different foods silkworms are given influence the quality of silk fibers. According to their food, silkworms can be divided into mulberry silkworms, tussah silkworms, cassava silkworms, camphor silkworms, willow silkworms and emperor silkworms. Silk fibers from these silkworms are processed in different ways. According to the organizational structure, raw materials, processing technology, texture, appearance and main uses of silk fabrics, they can be divided into fourteen categories: yarn, luo, aya, silk, spinning, silk, crepe, brocade, satin, silk, Ge, woolen, velvet, silk, etc. Then humans choose silk of different textures according to the needs of different types of products.

Advantages of pure silk

-Pure silk Escort your health.

According to research, more than 97% of pure silk are made of animal protein that contains 18 necessary amino acids for human. Therefore, pure silk can easily contribute to your sleep, care your skin, energize your cells and Regulate human metabolism.

Pure silk can slow down the aging process of skin for the serine it contains, the quite smooth surface and its temperature regulation function. Due to its finest fibers, pure silk is so smooth and light to avoid your skin being stretched so that your skin will not become slack. For Allergy-prone people, pure silk products are also helpful. Besides, such fabric can regulate temperature. Therefore, your cells can breathe freely, which contribute to your metabolism. That why you can keep healthy and beautiful if you are sleeping in silk bedding sets or wearing silk clothes.

-Pure silk is beautiful with its luster

The luster of pure silk is one of its advantages. As we all know that the luster appears when the reflection of light happens. The longitudinal shape, cross-sectional shape and laminar structure of fibers will influence the luster it presents. Silk's famous lustrous appearance comes from its prism-like fibrous structure, which allows the fabric to refract incoming light at different angles and scatter it away. But its luster is soft and uniform because the proportion of internal reflection light is high, with certain dispersion and diffraction reflection effect, which makes products made of silk look luxurious and gorgeous.

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