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Silk pajamas in movies

05 Dec 2022

Every girl should have a set of comfortable and sexy silk pajamas in her wardrobe, so that beauty starts from the moment she wakes up in bed. The charm of silk pajamas set has already been shown in the movie.

The long silk nightgown worn by Lauren Bacall in the movie The Big Sleep is full of extravagance. The design of the nightgown in the film is very luxurious with a long pendulum mopping the floor vertically. The design of the lantern sleeves is matched with an elegant bow at the waist, which makes the heroine very tastefully. The classic pajamas look is also worn by Grace Kelly in the movie Rear Window. The silk nightdress wraps her chest and waist well.

In the movie Charade, Audrey Hepburn wore a set of classic dark blue pajamas. The slightly exposed neckline can also set off the less sexy, and the atmospheric design of the pajamas perfectly shows her elegant and elegant temperament. The same classic pajama suit also appeared in Coco Chanel's biopic. As the originator of the era of women's trousers,  Ms. Chanel wears pajama suits whimsically and elegantly. It was also she who brought the culture of pajama suits from women's private boudoir into the field of fashion trends.


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