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Silk Road

01 Oct 2022

The “Overland Silk Road originated in the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-23 AD). Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty errand Zhang Qian to the Western Regions as an envoy. Since then the road that starts from the capital Chang'an (now Xi'an, in Shaanxi province), crosses Gansu, Xinjiang, Central Asia, West Asia, and connects the Mediterranean Sea countries was opened up. During the Eastern Han Dynasty(25-220 AD), the starting point of the Silk Road was moved to Luoyang(now Henan province), which was originally used to transport silk. Until the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644 AD), the Silk Road had developed into a comprehensive trade route.  

The "Maritime Silk Road" is a maritime channel for the transportation, trade and cultural exchanges between ancient China and foreign countries. The road, with the South China Sea as its centre, was formed in the Qin(221-206 BC) and Han Dynasties(206 BC-220 AD).During the Three Kingdoms to the Sui Dynasty(220-618 AD), it was developed and then prospered in the Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming Dynasties(618 AD- 1644 AD). It is the oldest known maritime route.

On June 22th in 2014, The "Silk Road: Chang'an-Tianshan Corridor's Road Network" project jointly declared by China, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan was successfully included in the World Heritage List, and the "Silk Road" became a world cultural heritage for the first time.

The Silk Road is not only a road of political cooperation, but also a road of economic and trade, as well as a road of cultural exchange and artistic fusion. In the ancient silk old, traditional Chinese ancestors have created splendid culture and great culture heritage such as Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes was formed, which provides rich inspiration for art workers.

Furthermore, beautiful natural scenery along the road makes silk road a legendary. The desert, Gobi, grassland, lake, Yadan landform and so on scatter on the road like a string of pearls, colorful and fascinating.

As one of the most fascinating travel destination in China, silk road has attracted hundreds of millions of people every year. No matter you are wondering the ancient history, splendid culture, amazing art materials or desiring to see the beautiful scenery and try the tasty food, silk road always guarantee you a good experience.

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