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Time will tell

12 Oct 2022

There’s always something important to us, your family members, friends, lovely dog who has accompanied you for several years or something that carries your special memory. All of these become more precious after years’ of accompaniment. For us, underwear and bra, as the closest piece to us, stay together with us every time. Choosing underwear and bra is like choosing  friends, someone knows you better while others left in the half way. Time will tell you which one is best.

Silk bra and panty sets take care of you at anytime. For your comfort and health, silk underwear and bra set are extremely breathable and hypoallergenic and the bra has fixed adjustable straps and padded cup, so that your tender skin can breathe freely. You can feel easy to be yourself, to run, to jump, to dance, to do everything you like.

Besides, womens silk panties, in the most chic design with small bow tie and the most popular color , also make you charming. Or silk long underwear protects you when you want to wear a dress.

Smooth Silk Knitted Bra Panty Set
Concise Silk Bra & Panty Sets

Who is the best friend you’ll know and which bra and which underwear is best, time tells.

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