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Where does mulberry silk come from?

13 Dec 2022

Mulberry silk is always considered the most expensive type of natural silk. Its suppleness and stronger fiber, both show its unique properties. When you start to buy mulberry silk bedding, it's helpful to know how mulberry silk is made. Mulberry silk is produced by the silkworms of the Bombyx Mori moth. The moth has only one task: to lay eggs. After it's laid about 500 eggs, its task is complete and it dies. The tiny, pinhead-sized eggs are kept at 65 degrees Celsius and the temperature is slowly and carefully raised to 75 degrees Celsius so that the eggs hatch.

The tiny silkworms are fed exclusively mulberry leaves 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (mulberry leaves are the only food that the Bombyx Mori moth eats). After about a month of constantly feeding on mulberry leaves, the silkworms have increased their weight 10,000-fold and have built up enough energy to begin spinning their cocoon. It takes between three and eight days for the silkworm to spin the cocoon. That is why mulberry silk is so unique and expensive.

The cocoons are then kept in a warm place for several days. Great care is taken to prevent moths from hatching from the silkworms, as this would damage the cocoon and destroy the silk thread it weaves. To extract the silk from the cocoons, they're placed in water to soften the thread. The softened thread is then unwound from the cocoon. A thread can be up to 1,600 meters long. For one mulberry silk thread, 4-8 of the silk threads are woven together.

Silkworms may have a short life whose sole purpose is to provide silk, but that short life is a pampered life. Not only are they constantly supplied with fresh mulberry leaves, but their environment is strictly controlled so that they aren't exposed to loud noises and strong odors such as those of fish or human sweat.

Such complicated and careful care for the silkworms, then the great mulberry silk is created. It's a process that the Chinese developed and perfected thousands of years ago, making them the experts in producing the finest silk. So if you want to buy silk sheet or silk sleepwear, products made in China are your first choice.

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