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Your Skin Memory

18 Oct 2022

Once you wear, lifetime your skin memorize. Made of mulberry silk, silk sleepwear give you the utmost experience.

The classic silk pajamas for women with long sleeves are good choice in winter. Neither being too thick to make you uncomfortable, nor being too cold with your arms and legs exposed to the air. However, in hot summer days, it regulates your body temperature to keep you cool. How magical such material is! Therefore,buy one piece and wear for four seasons.

Pure Silk Binding Trim Classic Pajamas Set

The silk nightgown and robe is also a must pick-up. Sexy lace silk nightgown only for summer days and silk robe for winter. Or you can make your silk robe a easy-after-showering piece. After showering when your body is still a little bit humid, a silk robe helps you go out of the bathroom quickly. A large amount of choices for you:the 3/4sleeves, the lace style or the solid color silk robe.

Pure Silk Lace Nightgown & Robe Set

Being breathable, hypoallergenic, silk sleepwear ensures you every happy stay-at-home time. Once you wear the silk sleepwear, your skin memorizes the extremely cozy feeling and falls in love of it.

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