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5 Things Need To Know When Buying a Silk Pillowcase

22 Jan 2023

Find out what to look for when choosing the best silk pillowcase for you, your health and the environment.

1. Look for grade 6A silk

When buying a mulberry silk pillowcase, look for the best grade that indicates the highest quality. Silk grades range from A to C. You'll get the best quality if you look for A grade mulberry silk. This silk grade is characterized by smooth silk fibers, but durable enough to unwind without breaking.

Grade isn't the only factor you should look for when choosing a pure silk pillowcase. Also look for the right number to make sure you're getting high quality. Grade A silk ranges from A to 6A.A high-quality pillowcase made from grade 6A natural silk is naturally hypoallergenic and will protect your skin from dryness and other damage, as well as your hair from frizz and breakage.

It should be noted that products marketed as "satin pillowcases" (where the word silk doesn't appear) aren't silk.

2. Choose the right momme weight

When looking for a mulberry silk pillowcase, you should pay attention to the omme weight. Momme is a Japanese unit of measurement comparable to thread count in cotton and is another indicator of silk quality. It indicates the weight and density of silk used for pillowcases and other silk products. But what momme weight is best for your new silk pillowcases?

Ideally, you should look for 22-momme silk pillowcases. There are momme weights ranging from 11 to 30, but 22-momme is the best silk for pillowcases.
Pillowcases weighing 19 momme still feel very soft, but they're considered inferior silk quality and don't offer as many benefits or last as long. If you want a pillowcase that is super soft but also durable, 22 momme pillowcases are the way to go.

3. Types of enclosures

Silk pillowcases usually come in two types of covers. This means how your pillowcase is slipped over the pillowcase to keep it in place. They usually come with a zipper or an envelope.

To keep your luxurious mulberry silk pillowcase on all night and looking elegant, opt for a cover with a concealed zipper. This type of closure provides a secure way to keep your pillowcase on at all times, as long as the zipper is fully closed. Since the zipper is concealed, you do not have to worry about it showing on your pure mulberry silk pillowcases.

Zippered covers protect your pillow from wear and tear. They also allow you to use both sides of your pillowcase equally, so one side does not get threadbare. This will extend the life of both your pillow and your pillowcase. The best cheap silk pillowcase is the one that will last for years.

4. Choose the right size

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a mulberry silk pillowcase is the size. Measure your pillow if you do not already know the size.

The size of your pure silk pillowcases should be similar to or somewhat larger than that of your pillows. You might need to purchase standard, queen-size, or king-size pillowcases depending on the size of your pillow. Look for pillowcases in a youth or toddler size when purchasing them for children.

5. Choose a color you like.

Pillowcases made of mulberry silk come in a wide range of colors and patterns.
Purchasing a real silk pillowcase or silk pillowcases in colors you love will reduce the likelihood that you'll throw the pillowcase out because you've grown tired of it.

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