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Benefits of Deep Sleep

20 Jan 2023

Human sleep is rhythmic, alternating between deep sleep and light sleep until awakened. Deep sleep is the phase in which humans sleep more soundly and deeply. Studies have shown that during deep sleep, the cells of the human cerebral cortex are in a state of complete rest, various life activities are reduced to a minimum, and the secretion and release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland reach a peak, which is extremely important for stabilizing emotions, mental balance, and restoring energy.

In detail, the benefits of deep sleep are:

Elimination of fatigue: energy and physical strength used during the day can be recovered, fatigue can be eliminated, and energy is stored for future needs, leaving you refreshed and energized the next day.

Resistance to immune diseases: Experiments have shown that during deep sleep many antibodies can be produced, increasing resistance to disease and promoting self-healing of the body's various tissues and organs.

Promotion of growth: about 70% of growth hormone is produced during deep sleep, children can promote growth and development, adults can reduce fat.

Improves memory: memory is mainly organized, filtered and synthesized in deep sleep. If you do not sleep well, students can easily forget what they have learned, while adults and the elderly are slow and forgetful.

Acceleration of metabolism: deep sleep can promote the absorption of nutrients, protein synthesis and the elimination of metabolic products.

Stay forever young: "Beautiful women sleep late" means that the facial blood flow of a person in deep sleep is 1-2. 5 times the normal time unit; the excreted epithelial cells are also 1-2. 5 times the normal time unit.

Secretion of longevity factors: sleep is the best tonic. The better the quality of sleep, the longer the deep sleep time and the longer the relative life expectancy.

The atmosphere in which you sleep should be as cozy as possible. As part of your daily routine, a silk pillowcase offers the ideal texture to rest your head on. These pillowcases provide a soft and silky feel on your skin because they are made entirely of mulberry silk.

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