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Benefits of Silk Pillowcase

25 Nov 2022

Many people have the following problems when they sleep. When you wash your hair at night and make your hair smooth, then you wake up in the morning, your hair style is always messy. Some people  may have skin allergy after a night sleep and often feel itchy and have ache for no reason. Or having sleeping wrinkles on your face when wake up. Silk pillow cases may help you with these problems.

Keep your hair smooth

First, the moisture and amino acids in silk are effective for protecting your hair. Unlike cotton and synthetic fibre, these components are similar to the chemical structure of human skin and have good compatibility. In addition, silk pillowcase has one of the lowest moisture absorption rates of any fabric, which can lock the water in your hair to keep them thick and glossy. You will find that after sleeping all night with silk pillowcases, your hair is still soft and silky.

Natural material to prevent skin diseases

Silk is made of protein fiber, which contains more than 20 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to human body. Most people will not be allergic to these components. Also, the smooth surface and tight structure of silk provides an environment dust mites find inhospitable.Thus silk is also a natural antibacterial material to prevent skin diseases.

Reduce friction to protect your skin

Among all fibers, the friction coefficient of silk is relatively low with only about 7%, so it can greatly reduce the squeeze and rub on your facial skin, thus resists the growth of sleeping wrinkles, decree lines and eye lines. Therefore, it can be said that silk pillowcases can delay skin aging to a certain extent.

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