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Tips for silk bedding caring

24 Nov 2022

Silk is a kind of protein fiber fabric, which is light and smooth. Silk bedding can cost hundreds of dollars or even more for its multi-functions. It is so delicate that you need to wash and dry it carefully. If the washing is improper, the silk is easy to be deformed and wrinkled. Some colored silk products may even be faded. Here are some tips to care your silk bedsheet  and pillowcases so that they can be as durable and new as you first buy them.

First, the silk fibers are easy to snag, so keep rough and sharp objects away from your bedding. Avoid excessive friction of your pajamas because friction always leads to damage of the silk.

Second, try not to eat in bed because food and beverage stains can quickly become dry and be permanent. Fresh stains on silk products are easier to clean so deal with the stains on your silk bedding as soon as possible.

Third, wash your silk with cold water and mild soap. It is recommended not to mix silk with other type of fabrics. If you are too busy to wash your silk pieces with hand, make sure you choose the delicate mode of your washing machine. Be aware that silk bedding cannot be put in the dryer with heat. The best choice is to let them air dry and avoid direct sunlight.

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