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Benefits of silk underwear

07 Dec 2022

Most people are willing to spend a lot of money and carefully select fashionable jackets and modern shoes, but they often ignore the underwear that accompanies us day and night. And for a person who pursues a high-quality life, underwear is actually more important than outerwear. Underwear is the same existence as the protector of private parts. Because it is directly close to sensitive areas, it has a great impact on our health. So paying attention to the hygiene of underwear is also a way to take care of yourself. A nice underwear should not only be breathable and dehumidifying, but also elastic and suitable for wearing. Actually, silk is good for you.




  • Silk is called the queen of fiber. It is not only skin-friendly, but also helps metabolism. Silk is a pure natural protein fiber, contains amino acids that are beneficial to the human body, and has antibacterial and antibacterial effects. 

  • Silk undergarment is more breathable than cotton because it has thousands of small fiber holes per square millimeter. It has a good moisture absorption and excellent breathability. Human sweat can be quickly absorbed and is the most natural protection for private parts.Moreover, good breathability makes silk underwear easy to wash and dry.

  • Mulberry silk panties have less static electricity and less friction with the skin, which can reduce the production of fine lines and avoid dryness of the body, so it is gentle and comfortable to wear.

Under normal circumstances, for underwear that is worn more frequently, it is recommended to replace it within 3 months. But the replacement of silk underwear should be based on your own wearing situation, and it would be better to replace it frequently. If there is deformation or stains that cannot be washed cleanly, they are reminding you that it is time to replace your underwear with a new one.

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