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The best skin care products - Silk Pillowcase

08 Dec 2022

Silk bedding has been very popular in recent years, and silk pillowcases are the first real bedding that most people start with. Long-term use of silk bedding has a cosmetic effect on the skin. Because silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids, it is very similar to the chemical structure of the human body. The water content of this ingredient makes silk almost a natural skin care protein mask.

Moisturizing effect

Unlike cotton and chemical fibers, when we lay on our sides and our cheeks come into contact with the 100 silk pillowcase, it will not absorb the moisture in the skin. On the contrary, its high water content will nourish dry skin. Skin care takes a long time. We insist on using expensive eye creams and face creams, and the additional effects of a silk pillowcase are easier and more effective.

Prevent wrinkles

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping. The skin squeezes, rubs and pulls on the pillowcase for many years, which is part of the cause of wrinkles. The friction coefficient of the silk pillowcase is only 7%, which is really low.

Reduce hygral fatigue

The moisture and amino acids in the silk ingredients are equally effective in caring for the hair. Best silk pillowcase for hair protecting hair from regular wear and tear. You will find that after waking up, your hair is still smooth and silky, and it is not easy to frizz. Because of this that many supermodels always carry silk pillowcases and silk eye masks with them to maintain good condition.

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