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Guide to care your silk products

25 Sep 2022

Silk is usually more expensive and more luxurious, so most people are very worried about the maintenance of silk and send their silk products to the laundry for dry cleaning. In fact, the maintenance of silk is not quite difficult, you only need to know a few taboos of silk cleaning.

No high-temperature exposure

The temperature higher than 80 degrees, direct sunlight and direct ironing are harmful to silk products. High temperature damages protein in silk products and cause silk products loose integrity of fabric. When encountering high temperature and ultra violet light from sunshine, the color will fade. Therefore, cold water is recommend and direct sunlight should be avoided. If you really want to iron your silk products to make them more smooth instantly, a damp tower should be put between iron and your silk products to avoid the direct touch of high temperature.

Neither too acidic nor too alkaline detergent and no fabric softener, enzymes

With the improvement of people's requirements for clothing and bedding sets, many cleaning agents have appeared. They are known for their ability to powerfully clean stains and leave clothes soft and fresh, such as bleach, fabric softener, or any type of optical brightener. However, these detergent may damage your silk. Silk is a kind of natural protein-based fabric. The too acidic or too alkaline detergent and enzymes in detergent are not suitable for maintaining protein activity. The softener is also unnecessary. Silk products themselves are soft and smooth enough. Extra softener can only damage silk products’ fine fabric and make silk products fail to retain moisture. The freshener that is added into these detergent may also cause allergic symptoms even though silk products themselves are hypoallergenic. Therefore, choose mild detergent without any enzyme, softener and many other additive.

Stop rub your silk products

The best way to dry your silk products is to line or hang dry. If you want to get them dried quickly, you can put them on clean and white tower to absorb the surface drops. Wringing with your hands or spinning with washing machine may cause friction, which greatly damage silk fabrics. Therefore, if you have time, hand-washing is good; if you are so busy , machine-washing on a gentle cycle is OK. Dry your silk products naturally and avoid direct sunlight.

The follow  steps may help you when you are going to clean your silk products:

Prepare some cold water;

Sort your silk products according to their colors, separate your silk products from laundry, and wrap them with a mesh laundry bags(in the case of washing with washing machine);

Put silk products into cold water and add some mild detergent;

Wash gently with your hands or choose a gentle cycle in your washing machine;

Hang dry them indoors or outdoors without direct sunlight;

Iron them with a damp tower between before putting them away(If you want to iron them);

Store them with a breathable bag.


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