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How to make yourself look like a elite in workplace

24 Sep 2022

Maybe you are a green banana in workplace and want to make a change in your appearance to make you look more capable even though you are not yet sophisticated enough now. My tips is to fake it until make it. Although you are not familiar with your working lists, you should believe that you can make it. Let silk shirts be your fighting dress.

If you don’t want to be more formal, you can choose silk shirts with a bow tie or some gentle lines. The luxurious luster and draping fabric always make you elegant. The easy to collocate-pure solid color may give others such impression that you can deal with things timely and perfectly. Decorated with a bow tie before, the whole look is more suitable to show your energy as a newcomer in the workplace. You can also choose silk shirts with gentle lines around the edge to help you win a good relationship.


Bow tie silk blouse shirt


 The splicing-type silk shirts can easily break boring atmosphere. By combining less than three classic colors together, such silk shirts neither make you look frivolous nor make you look too stubborn. Besides, the splicing-type silk shirts can perfectly tell your attitudes toward fashion and life. Wearing this silk blouse, you may burn out a lot of creative ideas.


Silk patchwork casual oversize shirt


The no-wrong classic white silk shirt is also a good choice. You don’t need to spend a lot time to worry about what to match with.


Silk classic daily basic shirt


Equipping yourself with a silk shirt before going to work gives you the confidence to solve all problems you’ll face and also witness your growth in your workplace. Come on, youth! Wear your fighting dress to open up new territories.

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