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Treat your hair like your face

22 Sep 2022

Just like acne, dryness and oil on the face, there has been more and more problems with our hair, such as dryness, split ends, brittle, dull, hair loss, excessive dandruff, gray hair and so on. People with a bright thick hair usually looks ten years old younger than people whose hair are dry, frizzy and thin. So please treat your hair like your face. When our face is too dry, we may use a mask to add moisture; When we have a oily face, we may use power to cover it; When there are acnes in our face,we may find a ointment. Then what we should do to our hair? The multi-functional silk night cap cares your hair perfectly.


Pure silk night turban sleep cap


 Prevent split ends, friction and hair loss

Frequent rub with your sheets and pillowcases when you are tossing and turning can make your hair strands more tender. Waking up in the morning, you’ll find a lot of hair strands on your pillowcases. Silk sleep caps can reduce friction with its most finest fabrics and prevent split ends, friction and hair loss.

Reduce dryness

Hair dryness happens because the pillowcases you choose can absorb the moisture of your hair. Silk sleep caps can retain the moisture and reduce dryness.

 Maintain your hairstyle

If you want take a nap in noon and wake up with good hairstyle, silk sleep caps can help you. You don’t need to spend a lot of time, your hair will remain smooth with a silk sleep cap.

 Guarantee a good sleep

Hair problems are not only because of external reasons, but also due to bad physical state. Silk sleep caps can give you a good sleep because its fabrics are extremely comfortable. Good sleep will in turn results in better hair state.

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