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Are you buying false silk?

23 Sep 2022

As silk becoming more and more popular around world, there emerges a lot of false silk. Maybe you are buying false silk. Make sure you are getting the true silk through several simple ways.

Firstly, price is one that you can easily tell whether the silk is true or false. Generally, due to high cost and complicated procedures, the price of silk is twice that of chemical fiber and satin.

Secondly, the luster and feeling are key to silk. Due to silk can absorb light and its special structure, silk doesn’t reflect dazzling light as mirror. When lights project on silk products, they will absorb light and evenly present a soft glow like pearl. While satin looks more dark without pearl-like luster; When you put your hands on silk, you may feel quite soft and the higher its momme value is, the softer it is. However, chemical fibers feel a little hard.

Thirdly, when you rub silk, you can hear crisp sound which is special to silk;

Finally, you can make a burning test with a small patch of the so-called “silk”. When you light a silk, you will not see blazing flame and a smell of burning-hair/furry will be floating out due to the protein composition in silk. After burning, silk becomes dark particles and once you touch, they become dust. You should be careful when you are conducting burning test. Maybe a basin of water is useful because some false silk is flammable. Get ready to put the fire out.

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