Why Silk Pillowcases Expensive?

Silk is a highly prized, opulent fabric that has remarkable advantages for both hair and skin beauty. Silk was the preferred material for aristocracy in ancient China, and it was even used as money!

These days, high society no longer has exclusive access to this beautiful material. You may easily incorporate it into your beauty routine because it has been made accessible and is a reasonably priced choice.

Silk is used in many different products, including silk bedding, silk sleepwear, and silk scrunchie, to mention a few.

Pillowcases: silk or satin?

Although the words silk and satin are frequently used synonymously, they are not the same. The term "silk" refers to the fabric. The fabric weave is known as satin, although it is not usually made of silk.

Synthetic materials like rayon, nylon, and polyester can be used to create satin. These materials don't provide the same cosmetic advantages as genuine silk; in fact, they can make hair frizzy and brittle, absorb skincare products, irritate skin, and even trigger allergies in those with sensitive skin.

Mulberry Silk

Make sure the silk pillowcase you choose is made of only 100% mulberry silk.
Real silk is graded on a scale of A to C. (with A being the highest quality). Additional silk grades include A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, and 6A. The purest, most opulent silk obtainable is grade 6A.